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Want to LVL-UP your brand with IMMERSIVE experiences? Like to build an influential presence in the METAVERSE? Need a solid digital strategy to boost your users’ engagement and loyalty?

Meet juloot A Metaverse – Gaming – Gamification Consultancy Agency.

Our Mission: Guide and boost your success in the disruptive future of the Metaverse.

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Why work with us?

Elhanan Gazit, Ph.D., is a senior advisor to managers, tech companies, brands, and startups worldwide. He consults on Metaverse Strategy, Gaming, AR/VR/XR trends, innovations impact, and Game-Thinking Mindset.

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Elhanan has spent his career helping people understand the impact of video games and virtual worlds and adopt them early. He regularly speaks at conferences and is sought out as a thought leader on immersive technologies and innovation. 

“LVL-UP! Think Fast, Manage Smart, like a Pro Gamers.”

As the founder of juloot, Elhanan utilizes his vast experience to analyze disruptive immersive technologies, platforms, and future trends. 

Our Super Heroes Skills:

🏆 Consulting & Strategic advisory:

For Enterprise Executives, Brands Managers, Startups entrepreneurs, and Educational organizations.

🎤 Speaking:

Inspiring and eye-opener Keynote Talks, Lectures. Workshops for executives.

🔍 Analysis:

Trends, Futuristic Tech, Competitive Intelligence analysis.

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What happy clients say:

A renowned professional in the gaming & gamification world

Dr. Elhanan Gazit is a renowned professional in the world of gaming and gamification. We used his unique services for the fintech platforms we built to add to the user experience and reach our customers’ goals. I highly recommend him!

Meirav Harel
Meirav Harel

We learned from Dr. Elhanan Gazit how gamers think!

Dr. Elhanan Gazit, Founder of juloot, has a vast knowledge and deep understanding of the world of video games and the Metaverse. His insights about how gamers think amazed me. All of that helped us a lot in developing our startup. Highly Recommend him. Game On!

Meir Biton StoryBall Co-Founder
Meir Biton

Our Services


Are you seeking to engage users/customers with gameful experiences? Need an effective digital strategy to start your Metaverse journey? We offer you our strategic consulting services


What to LVL-Up your event and engage your participants with an inspirational and eye-opener talk? Elhanan Gazit, Ph.D., a notable Speakeroffers you new and thoughtful insights into our immersive and Disruptive Future. 


What are the top secrets of the video games industry's success? Why are Fortnite and Roblox so engaging? Elhanan Gazit, Ph.D., Sprint Game-Thinking Workshopcovers best-selling video games' core principles and mechanics. 

Participants will gain the GAMEFUL MINDSET's principles and fundamentals. Insights and Hands-On on how to implement the Game-Thinking process for their venture. 

BTW What does the word "juloot"​ mean? 

The word "juloot,"​ coined by Elhanan Gazit Ph.D., is a combo of two words: "Jeux,"​ which means "play"​ in French, and "loot"​ in English. This unique combo represents our brand's gameful and playful DNA. Hebrew speakers pronounce "juloot"​ as "julot,"​ which stands for "playable Marbles"​ in English. The Brand's strong Orange color represents Energy and Happiness.

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