What are the top secrets of the video games industry’s success? Why are Fortnite and Roblox so engaging? Elhanan Gazit, Ph.D.Sprint Game-Thinking Workshopcovers best-selling video games’ core principles and mechanics. 

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Elhanan Gazit, Ph.D., is a senior advisor to managers, tech companies, brands, and startups worldwide. He consults on Metaverse Strategy, Gaming, AR/VR/XR Futuristic trends, Tech innovations impact, Game-Thinking, and Gameful Mindset.

Participants will gain the Gameful Mindset’s principles and fundamentals. Insights and Hands-On on how to implement the Game-Thinking process for their venture. 

Harness the power of video games to boost your venture.

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Choose your entry level to reach Mastery:

Gazit-Gameful Design Keynote

Level #1: The GAME IS ON! 

What are the foundations of Game-Thinking Design?

Why is it vital to know your player’s / users’ types?

Learn the basic principles, mindset, and toolbox

In this sprint G – Workshop led by Elhanan, you will gain insights into the addictive power of video games and how to implement it in your venture. Successful Case studies include:

  • Designing the user experiences.
  • Customer journey.
  • Boosting players’ engagement and loyalty.
  • Fans-base community building.

We will cover best practices, inspiring successful gamification case studies, and future immersive technologies trends.

Game-ON! It’s only 🦸‍♂️💬 One Click Away

juloot Game-Thinning Workshop

Advanced Level

Know: The keys to effective implementation of Game-Thinking

Design: your gameful framework concept

Master: How to analyze, deploy, test and AGILE manage your gameful venture.

In this advanced G-workshop, you will gain Hands-On experience implementing Gameful Mindset. In addition, you will gain a complete Game-Thinking toolbox for conceptualizing and designing your gamified venture.