What are the top secrets of the video games industry’s success? Why are Fortnite and Roblox so engaging? juloot’s Master Class Workshop for Executives with Dr. Elhanan Gazit focuses on Game-Thinking and Metaverse Strategy.

You will learn how to harness the power of video games to boost your business to success.
You will learn the core principles of the Gameful Mindset and why it is essential to succeed in the 21 century. In addition, you will gain insights into how to enter the Metaverse with an effective digital strategy. How to navigate your way in the disruptive future, and how to implement Game-Thinking processes for your venture.

Harness the power of video games to boost your venture.

Elhanan Gazit, Ph.D., is a senior advisor to managers, tech companies, brands, and startups worldwide. He consults on Metaverse digital Strategy, Gaming, immersive tech, AR/VR/XR trends, innovation, and Game-Thinking Mindset.

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Level #1: The GAME IS ON! 

What are the foundations of Game-Thinking Design?

Why is it vital to know your player’s / users’ types?

Why you should implement a Metaverse Strategy?

Learn the basic principles, mindset, and toolbox.

In this Master Class Workshop with Elhanan , you will gain insights into the addictive power of video games and how to implement it in your venture. Successful Case studies include analysis of:

Metaverse strategy | Game-Thinking design

Customer journey design | How to boost players’ engagement and loyalty | SuperFans community building, and much more.

We will cover best practices, inspiring successful Metaverse and Gamification case studies, and future immersive technologies trends.

Gazit-Gameful Design Keynote

Advanced Level

Know: The keys to effective implementation of Game-Thinking

Design: your gameful framework concept

Master: How to analyze, deploy, test and AGILE manage your venture.

In this advanced G-workshop, you will gain Hands-On experience implementing Gameful Mindset. In addition, you will gain a complete Game-Thinking toolbox for conceptualizing and designing your gamified venture. 

juloot Game-Thinning Workshop

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