A Digital Twin of A Woman | DALL-E 2 x juloot YedaVerse. Created by OpenAI

MetaYeda Weekly #4 feat. Bruce Willis’s Deepcake Digital Twin, Ready Player Me, and Google Research

What are the two of the most potent internal motivations we humans have?   Self-expression and ownership. They serve at the…

7 Best Gamification examples for Brands Unlocked

juloot Founder Dr. Elhanan Gazit will present the seven best gamification examples for brands. Hands-On gamification design workshop for executives….

juloot Metaverse /VR/ AR Strategist

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Scoop: Is Meta dot com the New name of Facebook?

Meta is the new name of facebook

juloot interactive gamification Candy

Gamification Candy

Gamification Candy: We bring you the latest Gamification News & Trends Sweets for the Gameful Brand, Enterprise and Startup ❤…

juloot interactive gamification Candy

Game of Cryptos

The Game of Cryptos Daily When gaming, blockchain and cryptos meet, we bring you all the awesome news, stories and…


What can Brands and Startups learn from Riot Games?

Riot Games’ new blue essence is on of the biggest changes in League of Legends’ ‘core’ game platform. It is…

interlude messi pepsi interactive clip

How Pepsi gamify the coming World Cup 2014 experience?

Pepsi gamify the World Cup 2014 experience with new interactive video clip and a pinterest like website which include reward…

Lecture: Gamification for Brands unlocked!

Gamification for Brands unlocked! This lecture and workshop covers all the aspect of gamification design for brands from A-Z for…

❤ instagram Photo app Competition

instagram SoLoMo Photo Competition  We design and crafted an instagram and facebook Photo competition “Learning Moments” to engage the participants…

How we gamify the Digital2012 Convention

Adding fun to Digital2012 We designed a gamification mobile app for the Digital 2012 Convention. In addition, we create challenges…


How do we Gamify the City? Foursquare Day

We designed and crafted a mobile game, “Explore our City,” to celebrate “Foursquare international day.” The goal of the experience…

Gamification Chef Workshop

An invited workshop at the 20th Israeli Annual Learning and Institution conference. The Gamification Chef Workshop led by juloot’s Founder and CEO, Dr….

ODT street game app by juloot interactive | portfolio

Location based game @ TLV

We design and deploy a location-based Game for executives. The O.D.T. game was played in the streets of Neve-Tzedek, Tel Aviv.  First,…