Elhanan Gazit, Ph.D., is a senior advisor to managers, tech companies, brands, and startups worldwide. He consults on Metaverse Strategy, Gaming, AR/VR/XR Futuristic trends, Tech innovations impact, Game-Thinking Design, and Growth Mindset.

Want to engage your consumers with immersive experiences?

Like to know how to empower your employees with a gameful mindset?

Are you developing a new app or establishing a new startup? Want to make your app addictive like Clash Royal? Do you feel you must make it more ‘Fun and Sticky’ for your users?

You are here for an excellent reason. 

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Why Consult with Elhanan? 

Our era is uncertain, full of accelerated technological developments in a globally competitive market. Unfortunately, more than 85% of managers are not ready for this new reality. Moreover, most businesses must acquire new skills and act differently to succeed in the disruptive future of the Metaverse. 

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Twenty years of R&D experience in immersive technologies and virtual worlds have led Elhanan to five fundamental principles which serve as a working framework, coined as the Gameful Compass Strategy (GCS). The GCS is a guide to empower your venture to growth.

Among our clients:

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Effective Consulting is a Process

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Our Gameful Compass Strategy (GCS) consulting is based on five iterative phases, built to help you to reach your business objectives. 

Note:  In real-life consulting practice, it is hard to tell when one phase stops and the next starts. The GCS is a working framework that helps you Think Fast and Manage Smart, like a Pro Gamer.

Gamification for Startups & Brands

We offer startups an exclusive track and discounts to utilize our GAMIFICATION consulting services. Our advice is to develop an in-house gamification SDK. However, if you choose to outsource, we can advise you on the best gamification platforms and vendors best suited for your venture.

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