What can Brands and Startups learn from Riot Games?

Riot Games’ new blue essence is on of the biggest changes in League of Legends’ ‘core’ game platform. It is based on Games User Research, Big Data and players’ behavior analysis.( watch Riot Games’s announcement video above).

Riot Games Blue Essence. Source:
Riot Games Blue Essence. Source:

🎮🏆 5 takeaways for Brands and Startups:

⭐️Listen to your players’ feedback and reward them.

⭐️Invest in creating a solid community of users/ players.

⭐️Always exceed your players’ expectations.

⭐️Unleash your Gameful Mindset: Do not be afraid to take risks.

Go beyond and explore the unknown.

⭐️Community is KEY for growth and success:

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More info about Riot’s strategic move: here

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