Lecture: Gamification for Brands unlocked!

Gamification for Brands unlocked!

This lecture and workshop covers all the aspect of gamification design for brands from A-Z for @ LAHAV-Executives!

The lecture and workshop lead by juloot interactive Founder & CEO Dr. Hanan Gazit covered the following topics:

  • Introduction to Gamification for organization and brands basic concepts.
  • Using our gameful design framework to engage employers and clients.
  • An Hands-on small teams design session of gamification solution to solve your organization problem.

The lecture and workshop were gamified with a mobile app. The participants were introduced with challenges and gain points for solving them. This is what one of the participants said:

This is the best lecture and workshop I’ve attended in LAHAV. I learned from it the most.


LAHAV-Executive Education Faculty of Management, Tel-Aviv University.

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