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We design and crafted an instagram and facebook Photo competition “Learning Moments” to engage the participants of the 20th Israeli Annual Learning and instruction in Organizations Convention. In addition, we manage the conference facebook page and monitor the interactions during and after the conference ended.

How with Gamify the #lrnisr Conference?

Our work include Creative and Concept, design and implement an instagram Photo competition facbook app. the app afford uploading pics from PC on top of uploading via instagram or twitter status. facebook page and apps design, Conference instagram user setup, interactions management of all social media networks: facebook, instagram, twitter and on conf site. Graphical Design: app landing page, QR code Sticker on location which encourage the participants to scan with smartphone and visit the


Studio Effective printing the winners’s instagram Photos on Canvas and QR code Strikers.


Israeli Human Resources Magazine. Iush Human Qualification Development LTD.


instagram, Photo competition app, facebook app, Mobile landing page.

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